The Sopranos: Season 2 DVD


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All thirteen episodes from the second series of the Mafia family saga. In 'Guy Walks in to a Psychiatrist's Office', Tony is now in control of the family business, but faces further professional and famiglia problems in the form of the Feds, long-lost sister Janice, nephew Christopher and a returned Big Pussy, keen to prove that he is no rat. 'Do Not Resuscitate' sees Junior out of jail on medical release, while the ailing Livia fears that her son is planning to pull the plug on her.

In 'Toodle-F**king-oo', Richie Aprile - brother of the late, great mobster Jackie, is out of jail after ten years, and tells his former protégée Tony that he wants his turf back. 'Commendatori' sees Tony travelling to the old country to discuss the family car 'export' business with Zi Vittorio, head of the Napoli branch of the family. In 'Big Girls Don't Cry', Tony reorganizes the pecking order of his various employees, and while Paulie and Silvio are happy with their respective promotions, Christopher and Pussy are less than impressed.

'The Happy Wanderer' sees Tony back in therapy with Dr Melfi, and railing against having to organise an 'executive' game of poker for various Mafia high-flyers. In 'D-Girl', Christopher decides he would like to become a Hollywood player, while Pussy is threatened with prison unless he goes into Tony's house wearing a wire. 'Full Leather Jacket' sees Richie attempting to make peace with Tony, while Carmela turns to her neighbour for advice about Meadow's prospects at college.

In 'From Where to Eternity', Christopher has an out-of-body experience during surgery, while Dr Melfi turns to her own psuchiatrist for help over her substance abuse. 'Bust-Out' sees Richie approaching Junior regarding a possible alliance, and Tony decides to drive David Scatino out of business just as Carmela hired Scatino's brother-in-law to decorate their living room.In 'House Arrest', Tony is advised by his lawyer to spend more time on his legitimate business ventures. 'The Knight in White Satin Armour' sees Tony preparing to sever all ties with an out of control Richie.

Finally, in 'Funhouse', a doubt-ridden Tony decides to find out where he really stands with Pussy once and for all.
  • BBFC Certification: (18) Suitable for 18 years and over.
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